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2022 Pinarello Dogma F Disc Frameset

2022 Radon Vaillant Disc 10.0 Road Bike
2020 Cervelo S3 Ultegra 8020 Disc Road Bike

USD 4200.00
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Categories: Road Bikes, Pinarello

For years, the Pinarello Dogma line has dominated the Grand Tours and it only continues to improve. The Dogma F is the new generation of speed and dominance. The new Pinarello Dogma F manages to improve on what many considered the perfect road bike. This version of the Dogma is an all-around warrior that is capable of winning stages of any degree including mountain rides, breakaway flats, and sprint finishes. It is more aerodynamic than ever and improved on what was already considered unthinkable speed. With the Pinarello Dogma F Disc Frameset, you can build up a world-class bike to help you dominate every possible scenario on the road with no compromises.

The Dogma F is as balanced a machine as you will ever see, possessing all the qualities needed for all-around performance. It is more aerodynamic than ever, saving countless watts through a long ride to help riders stay fresh while moving fast. Specific tube shapes and an aero seatpost make this bike efficient in any wind conditions. It is also incredibly light thanks to a T1100 1K high tensile and high modulus carbon fiber. Coming in at a considerably lower weight than the F12, the F fulfills all your climbing needs. Pinarello’s patented Nanoalloy Technology makes it very stiff and lightweight at the same time. World class engineering has resulted in a frame that is elite in terms of aerodynamics, climbing, comfort, and handling. Regardless of what ride lies ahead, the Pinarello Dogma F is ready to conquer it.

Some of the greatests cyclists in the world count on Pinarello to continue delivering improvements to achieve World Tour glory. That is why consistent updating is needed in the Dogma year after year. The Dogma F is lighter than ever but maintains the exact same level of lateral stiffness that the F12 possessed. This makes it a more explosive bike that can be relied on to come out on top during a flat sprint. The Onda Fork, which has been a staple of Pinarello bikes for decades is also featured. The unique shape of the fork offers precision turning abilities, stability, and reduction of longitudinal and lateral shocks. Every piece of this asymmetric frame is specifically designed for victory.

Elite performance does not mean that Pinarello was willing to sacrifice convenience and ride quality. With 11 frame and countless handlebar fit options, you have an endless number of ways to find your perfect fit. Internal cable routing is also more convenient than ever thanks to the TiCR system which allows mechanical or electronic groupsets to easily be installed. This frame is also made to house direct-mount disc brakes which provide greater braking power, calculated modulation, and heat dissipation regardless of weather conditions. This will give you the confidence to push the pace and take full advantage of the speed edge the Dogma has on the competition. The Pinarello Dogma F Disc Frameset is ready to make its push as the world’s most dominant road bike.

TorayCa T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology, TiCR™ Cable Routing, Italian BB, UCI Approved
F Onda Fork with ForkFlap™, 1.5' upper and lower steerer, Ultra Light Headset bearings
Pinarello Aero Seatpost with 3D printed Titanium Top Seatclamp and bolts
Drop-in-Bearing System, 1.5"
Bottom Bracket
Italian Threaded Required
Pinarello Dogma F Carbon
Front Derailleur
Braze-On Required